Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ubuntu vs Windows as an OS

Ok, so now you ask, why would anyone want to use Ubuntu vs Windows?

Here are some of my favorite top reasons stated by Ubuntu users:

  1. Basically freedom. You have freedom to do whatever you want with Linux. When a new version of Ubuntu comes out, you won't have to pay for the upgrade. There is no professional version with more feature that costs. No ActiveX or registry, which is enough for me.
  2. no viruses, adware, spyware... whatever all that is called you don't need to reinstall, just keep upgrading. at least debian based distros such as ubuntu stability. it just _is_ more stable. ... and once you know more about linux, you'll realise that you can tweak it as you want it, customize it to your needs. ... plus you don't support an unethical monopolistic company.
  3. Lots of free software that can be easily installed without clicking through a lot of dialogs and accepting the weirdest license agreements.
  4. Less pollution...More security...
  5. Security and peace of mind are my big things. I know how to protect myself in Windows and all that, but all that crap not even being an issue anymore is pretty darn nice.
  6. Open-source, stability, library, security, speed, customization, and reliability. I can think of a lot more, but these are some general points.

A good thing to have for me? Yes. A good thing for everybody? No. To be perfectly honest, I don't think Ubuntu is for everybody. ... if you don't like Linux, use something else.

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