Sunday, November 28, 2010

Creating a shortcut on my desktop...

The easiest way if you use gnome is a simple drag&drop with the middle click through nautilus

tip from HERE


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Remove all settings for Evolution

it turns out my evolution emails were hogging up alot of my hard drive space so I wanted to start all over, cause it was set up wrong and all the emails were junk anyways.

here's what I did ...

If you ever want to delete your entire Evolution account, history, configuration, settings, etc and start over from scratch, here’s how to do it:

Back up all of your files first (of course).
$ rm -rf ~/.evolution
$ rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/evolution
$ evolution --force-shutdown

Find the process id for ‘gconfd’ and kill it:
$ ps -ef|grep gconfd
yourusername 30515 1 0 13:24 ? 00:00:00 /usr/libexec/gconfd-2 12
$ kill 30515

Restart Evolution and you should be prompted to set up your account.

THANK YOU for this site telling me how

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Removing junk files from ubuntu TIPS

Updates are probably the biggest contributor to your HD usage, with your Trashcan coming a close second.

To prevent the former causing future problems, use the setting in Synaptic Package Manager:
Settings -> Preferences
Files tab
Delete downloaded packages after installation

Or manually clear the packages each time with
sudo apt-get clean
For Trash, just ensure you empty it from time to time.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

karmic upgrade to lucid

well, I wanted to try the new Lucid Linx 10.04. I did the upgrade through the upgrade manager.

it took a total of about 5 hours for downloading and installing. I grew old though it LOL.

Then I had a small panic when it was done. The dual boot of windows and ubuntu on the grub menu did not allow me to go to windows vista. ARGGGG

then I found the solution here


You can repair the boot sector of Windows system partition via "fixboot" from a Windows XP CD, or "bootrect /fixboot" from a Windows Vista/7 CD. But in my experience testdisk works best in this situation. So boot into a Linux OS or Live CD. If your system uses "apt-get" and has "testdisk" in its repositories (in Ubuntu: the universe repository needs to be enabled), you can install and run testdisk via

   sudo apt-get install testdisk
sudo testdisk

or you can download the tar.bz2 file of the newest version from testdisk to your desktop and install and run it via

  cd ~/Desktop
tar -xvf testdisk-*linux*.tar.bz2
sudo testdisk-*/linux/testdisk_static

In either case:

  First   screen:  Select "No Log" and press enter.
Second screen: Select the hard drive containing the Windows system partition and choose "proceed".
Third screen: "intel"
Fourth screen: "advanced",
Fifth screen: Select the Windows system partition and choose "boot"
Sixth screen: "BackupBS"
Seventh screen: type "Y" to confirm

then press "q" a few times to quit testdisk, reboot and see whether you can boot into Windows. If the sixth screen did not have a "BackupBS" tab, it usually means that the original and backup boot sector are identical, and you are probably suffering from a different problem. But it could also mean that your backup boot sector is corrupted, in which case you will of to use "fixboot" from a Windows CD to repair the boot sector.

After you fixed the Windows boot sector, you might have to update the Grub Menu. For Grub 2 just run

  sudo update-grub

in your Linux OS. For Legacy grub you might have manually edit /boot/grub/menu.lst


the testdisk worked without me having to do the grub update or anything

I really like Lucid Linx so far, glad I upgraded!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

hdmi ubuntu

well, I switched from vga to hdmi for my dual boot ubuntu with virtual box.

the road wasn't easy and it is still in progress.

I installed the latest drivers and alsamixer
pulse audio will not work with digital sound

seems like I am fine but with no sound.

my fault though, I didn't plug the sound from the video card to the motherboard.

I will be doing that tomorrow and let you know if I have sound.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


OMG, I got the dreaded UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME error BSOD on migrated Win XP vbox ... and you can hardly tell what it is as it hangs in a loop, not booting to windows or safe mode, just starting over and over with half a second on the BSOD.

I even tried to pause at that point but couldn't.

I had a hirens cd I could boot to, but no fixes in there.

using my xp cd and booting up with the Windows installation CD, then press "r" for recovery mode, then using chkdsk /r ... worked for me

TOOK FOREVER, 21 gb of space was 3 hours ish

I spent a while trying other things that did not work first.

I knew I had to do this because I locked up while moving a huge file, so it was reading and writing when I did an improper shutdown, had to power off cause it froze. MY BAD

Now I am going to make a snapshot of this while it is working and try to load that next time I ever have another problem.

Phew, made it though another day of f'n computers. LOL

Friday, April 9, 2010

firefox uninterruptible


firefox has been a pain in my rump. I think my profile got corrupted so it kept greying out and saying firefox uninterruptible and firefox was already started bs message

I tried all these

firefox -safe-mode
still would not start

I uninstalled firefox and reinstalled it through my synaptics package manager

it still wouldn't start

gksudo firefox ... only though this command line it started

firefox -ProfileManager so I created a new profile and all seems good now, with the updated namoroka on ubuntu

Lesson learned: back up the dang profile


PS, I should have backed up earlier as it was greying out every so often getting slowly worse ... up to the point where it wouldn't start at all