Friday, December 11, 2009

greyed out thumb drive in virtualbox


So what happened today was I tried to use my diskgo thumb drive in my vista virtualbox on ubuntu and it was greyed out.

I found how to fix that on the ubuntu forum (thanks again ubuntu forum) ... worked like a charm!

I did this:
  1. In the host (Karmic 9.10 for example), System->Administration->Users and Groups
  2. Click on the Keys Icon (to right of Help) and give your password.
  3. Select (highlight) your normal user line (the one with /home/xxx)
  4. Click Manage Groups.
  5. In the Groups settings List Box, navigate down to vboxusers
  6. With vboxusers high lighted, click properties
  7. Click the check box next to your normal user to indicate you want the normal user to be a member of the vboxusers group.
  8. reboot the host.

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