Sunday, April 18, 2010


OMG, I got the dreaded UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME error BSOD on migrated Win XP vbox ... and you can hardly tell what it is as it hangs in a loop, not booting to windows or safe mode, just starting over and over with half a second on the BSOD.

I even tried to pause at that point but couldn't.

I had a hirens cd I could boot to, but no fixes in there.

using my xp cd and booting up with the Windows installation CD, then press "r" for recovery mode, then using chkdsk /r ... worked for me

TOOK FOREVER, 21 gb of space was 3 hours ish

I spent a while trying other things that did not work first.

I knew I had to do this because I locked up while moving a huge file, so it was reading and writing when I did an improper shutdown, had to power off cause it froze. MY BAD

Now I am going to make a snapshot of this while it is working and try to load that next time I ever have another problem.

Phew, made it though another day of f'n computers. LOL

Friday, April 9, 2010

firefox uninterruptible


firefox has been a pain in my rump. I think my profile got corrupted so it kept greying out and saying firefox uninterruptible and firefox was already started bs message

I tried all these

firefox -safe-mode
still would not start

I uninstalled firefox and reinstalled it through my synaptics package manager

it still wouldn't start

gksudo firefox ... only though this command line it started

firefox -ProfileManager so I created a new profile and all seems good now, with the updated namoroka on ubuntu

Lesson learned: back up the dang profile


PS, I should have backed up earlier as it was greying out every so often getting slowly worse ... up to the point where it wouldn't start at all

Sunday, April 4, 2010

3.1.4 to 3.1.6 virtualbox

Virtualbox told me there is an update available!!

I clicked the link it gave me in the message and installed it.

Then I had to go to "devices" within my OS in the virtual box and update guest editions

voila ... done

sudo apt-get upgrade

Upgrade Packages: Over time, updated versions of packages currently installed on your computer may become available from the package repositories (for example security updated). To upgrade your system, first update your package with

sudo apt-get update

and then type:

sudo apt-get upgrade

Friday, April 2, 2010

Maintaining the system

Maintaining the system
There is usually no need to do any defrag or disk clean up, unless you are in dire need of extra harddisk space. You can run:
sudo apt-get autoclean
to clean out old packages.

There is no need to defrag unless you have a fat32 partition lying around. There is no need to check for virus.

You can clean out your browser's cookies and cache.


Ubuntu defaults to checking the root file system every 30 boots.

If you want to Make it check and reboot presently

sudo shutdown -r -F now

.ods "add to panel"

I've been going crazy trying to add a launcher to the ubuntu panel. I wanted a spreadsheet file there.

after weeks of looking, I FOUND THE ANSWER ... how to add a spreadsheet file to the launcher panel

Try this:
ooffice -calc filename
Replace 'filename' with the location and name of the spreadsheet.