Saturday, December 12, 2009

ubuntu and virutalbox shared folder

Well, I just hit a snag and needed to get a windows Vista file to be seen in Ubuntu. So I had to look up how to share a folder with Ubuntu and Virtualbox.

I DID IT!!! WOOO HOOO ... this is how:

virtualbox shared folders ....? Guest:OS Host:Ubuntu

On UBUNTU side:
Start settings in virtualbox, go to shared folders and browse to the folder you want to share

On Windows Vista side:

-first Install Guest Additions. (I already had done this before so I didn't need to do it now.) It is under the Devices menu on VirtualBox
-add which folder you want to share from Shared Folders option on Virtualbox
-open My Network Places on Windows OS click to View workgroup computers
(it can be different if you changed the default network name)
-look down to links with the header Other Places
-you will see Microsoft Windows Network.Click it
-you will see the Entire Network link and click it
-look at the page you will see VirtualBox Shared Folder

it was easy

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