Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Computer Icon In Ubuntu

open a terminal and enter...

in the window that opens click the arrow next to apps then scroll down to nautilus and click that arrow then click the desktop folder in the window there should be an option to show home folder check it and you're set.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

virtualbox update

today virtual box says:
a new version has been released and gave me a .deb download link.

wish me luck

I'm going to open with: gdebi package installer

4 minutes later i can install package, all dependencies are satisfied ...

oops have to close virtual box and try install again

all done
that was easy.

then I did

Alt-F2, type:


to stop the package installer that wouldn't close from the first install try when virtual box was still open

and that worked too

woo hoo easy p'cheezy


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ubuntu ctrl-alt-del

ok, a few times my system has locked up, not sure why. I thought I had heard ctrl-alt-backspace was like windows ctrl-alt-del, but the last few times it has done nothing. Probably because Such a key combo used to exist but Ubuntu devs removed it (ctrl+alt+backspace)
... which I just found out.

So, today I looked up what to do if this happens again.

hold the alt/printscreen together while you cycle threw resiub
while cycling threw the letters hold each one up to 5 sec
This works for a total Freeze

My question is how will I remember that? LOL


Also, you can use alt/prtscrn/k to do the same thing. Some times you don't need to do a whole restart, which alt/prtsrcn/rseiub will do. Just doing the "k" will restart x without rebooting.


Alt-F2, type:


and click on the offending app. You can also kill or end processes through the System Monitor.

Let's just hope I can remember these when I need toLOL