Sunday, April 18, 2010


OMG, I got the dreaded UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME error BSOD on migrated Win XP vbox ... and you can hardly tell what it is as it hangs in a loop, not booting to windows or safe mode, just starting over and over with half a second on the BSOD.

I even tried to pause at that point but couldn't.

I had a hirens cd I could boot to, but no fixes in there.

using my xp cd and booting up with the Windows installation CD, then press "r" for recovery mode, then using chkdsk /r ... worked for me

TOOK FOREVER, 21 gb of space was 3 hours ish

I spent a while trying other things that did not work first.

I knew I had to do this because I locked up while moving a huge file, so it was reading and writing when I did an improper shutdown, had to power off cause it froze. MY BAD

Now I am going to make a snapshot of this while it is working and try to load that next time I ever have another problem.

Phew, made it though another day of f'n computers. LOL

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