Wednesday, May 12, 2010

karmic upgrade to lucid

well, I wanted to try the new Lucid Linx 10.04. I did the upgrade through the upgrade manager.

it took a total of about 5 hours for downloading and installing. I grew old though it LOL.

Then I had a small panic when it was done. The dual boot of windows and ubuntu on the grub menu did not allow me to go to windows vista. ARGGGG

then I found the solution here


You can repair the boot sector of Windows system partition via "fixboot" from a Windows XP CD, or "bootrect /fixboot" from a Windows Vista/7 CD. But in my experience testdisk works best in this situation. So boot into a Linux OS or Live CD. If your system uses "apt-get" and has "testdisk" in its repositories (in Ubuntu: the universe repository needs to be enabled), you can install and run testdisk via

   sudo apt-get install testdisk
sudo testdisk

or you can download the tar.bz2 file of the newest version from testdisk to your desktop and install and run it via

  cd ~/Desktop
tar -xvf testdisk-*linux*.tar.bz2
sudo testdisk-*/linux/testdisk_static

In either case:

  First   screen:  Select "No Log" and press enter.
Second screen: Select the hard drive containing the Windows system partition and choose "proceed".
Third screen: "intel"
Fourth screen: "advanced",
Fifth screen: Select the Windows system partition and choose "boot"
Sixth screen: "BackupBS"
Seventh screen: type "Y" to confirm

then press "q" a few times to quit testdisk, reboot and see whether you can boot into Windows. If the sixth screen did not have a "BackupBS" tab, it usually means that the original and backup boot sector are identical, and you are probably suffering from a different problem. But it could also mean that your backup boot sector is corrupted, in which case you will of to use "fixboot" from a Windows CD to repair the boot sector.

After you fixed the Windows boot sector, you might have to update the Grub Menu. For Grub 2 just run

  sudo update-grub

in your Linux OS. For Legacy grub you might have manually edit /boot/grub/menu.lst


the testdisk worked without me having to do the grub update or anything

I really like Lucid Linx so far, glad I upgraded!

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