Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ubuntu ctrl-alt-del

ok, a few times my system has locked up, not sure why. I thought I had heard ctrl-alt-backspace was like windows ctrl-alt-del, but the last few times it has done nothing. Probably because Such a key combo used to exist but Ubuntu devs removed it (ctrl+alt+backspace)
... which I just found out.

So, today I looked up what to do if this happens again.

hold the alt/printscreen together while you cycle threw resiub
while cycling threw the letters hold each one up to 5 sec
This works for a total Freeze

My question is how will I remember that? LOL


Also, you can use alt/prtscrn/k to do the same thing. Some times you don't need to do a whole restart, which alt/prtsrcn/rseiub will do. Just doing the "k" will restart x without rebooting.


Alt-F2, type:


and click on the offending app. You can also kill or end processes through the System Monitor.

Let's just hope I can remember these when I need toLOL


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